We offer two services. That’s right – TWO

What we don’t do is dilute our expertise in IT support with a multitude of other services that we are not expert in – such as web site design, CCTV, cabling etc.

For those we have partners who are – guess what? – experts in those areas who we work closely with and will manage on your behalf if you need their services.

What we do, we do very well:

IT Support

In industry terms this involves helpdesk, consultancy, systems design, installation and maintenance services.

In business terms we simply promote ourselves as ‘your IT team’. If it’s IT then we’ll help you with it. If we are to be an outsourced alternative to employing in-house staff then we believe we should offer all the benefits you’d get with an in-house resource – and then build on that.

Hosted Desktop / Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has transformed business IT – many businesses are now fully cloud-based meaning all their systems are based online, enabling them to work anywhere they have an internet connection – and on any device - in exactly the same way as when in the office.

Mindful of the flip side of cloud computing – all your data located in a datacentre somewhere on the web – we have created our own cloud solution, where your data is safely based in our own datacentre where we have full control and access to it if there is any issue.

We’d love to speak to you to detail how outsourcing your IT with ourselves has four main benefits:


We always charge a fixed monthly fee


Available all year round.


Our contracts can move with your business.


Known for our attention to detail, decades of experience, excellent reputation.

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