Our Prices

That’s right, we’re publishing our prices loud and proud on our website. A faux pas? No – an example of our straightforward way of doing business with you.


per machine per month
£45per machine per month
  • Our support service includes all of the below:
  • • Unlimited telephone & email support
  • • Queries & issues can be raised by email or phone
  • • Support site visits at no extra cost
  • • Daily monitoring of backups
  • • Monitoring of Windows & anti-virus updates
  • • Management of 3rd parties involved in your IT, e.g. BT, Sage etc.
  • • Centralising all file & email data for management, security and full backup
  • • Online backup
  • • Scheduled restore tests of your backups
  • Count your PCs and laptops, add any servers you have then multiply by £45 – that’s your monthly invoice value.
  • Fixed Fee IT - we only review this within any 12 month period if you add a large number of new staff/open an new office location etc. Otherwise, you’ll get 12 identical invoices that mean your IT budget is now a ‘known’ rather than an eternal ‘unknown’.

Hosted Desktop

per user per month
£45per user per month
  • Our hosted desktop service always provides you with the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Office and also includes a full file and email server system. It also includes antivirus for the machine you use to connect up with.
  • A complete corporate-level IT system accessible from PC, Mac, phones, tablets – and all for £45 per user per month.


In rare instances where clients’ businesses become impacted by events outside our agreed remit or beyond our control and Control and Shift are engaged to rectify these issues, an additional quote for services may be required.

A non-exhaustive list of examples of such issues may include: restoring systems or data corrupted by malware introduced by end user actions, restoring systems that have been affected when end user is responsible for undertaking back ups and updates, project consultancy, out of hours support if not included in contract, acts of momentary end user craziness or accidental damage i.e. spilling liquids on computer equipment.

NB – all prices shown are exc. VAT.

Need Something Different?

If the above pricing structure doesn’t suit your requirements or you need something bespoke then no problem. Get in touch with the team here at Control and Shift and we will advise you on what you need and how we can support you and your business.

We can cater for all size of business, either Mac or PC and any type of system you may need supporting.